Although it is difficult to become a teacher, it might be easy in some places to become a substitute teacher. Usually you can become one without very much teaching experience, and often you can get a job as a substitute without having a teaching license.

If you have gone to school to become a teacher and have graduated, be sure to apply for your Indiana teaching license. You can do this at the Indiana Education Department's website. Although you do not need a license to become a substitute teacher in Indiana, preference is often given to those that do have licenses, so if you are eligible, be sure that you apply for yours.

Contact that Indiana State Board of Education, also found on the Education Department's website. They will have a statewide substitute teacher certification that you will need to fill out in order to become a sub in the state. You will need to fill out an application, have a criminal background check run, and have an interview with a principal in order to get your substitute teaching certification.

Apply with your home district to become a substitute teacher. Once you have an Indiana certificate for subbing, you will not need to have any other type of certificate to teach. However, you will need to apply with your local school district. This will probably require an additional interview, to get the best placement for you, as well as to get your availability. This is where you'll be able to talk about your French experience or your enjoyment of working with kindergarteners.

You will get a contract with the local school district for the year, or sometimes for several years, depending on the district. Sign the contract and wait for your job assignments. Depending on the district, you'll be called the night before or the morning of your placements.