If your iPhone's volume buttons are jammed or broken, you may feel like you're in a sticky situation when it comes to adjusting your phone's volume. Fear not though. While out-of-commission volume buttons may prove to be inconvenient, you can still adjust your phone's volume using the touch screen.

Ringer and Alerts

The iPhone's Settings app includes volume controls for ringer and alert sounds. Press the home button to access the home screen. Tap the "Settings" app. Tap "Sounds" and adjust the volume slider located under "Ringer and Alerts."


Apps tend to provide different ways for you to adjust the volume. For example, you can adjust your iPhone's volume inside of apps such as Music or Netflix by locating and dragging the volume slider that appears on the app's play screen. In other apps you'll first need to locate a Settings or Preference menu and then adjust the volume using the options provided.