Amplitude is a hearing enhancement app for iOS that amplifies audio so you can better hear distant or quiet sounds. It features several controls to optimize the quality of the sound. Unlike other apps, the controls are located at the top in order to provide easier control adjustments when your iPad's mic is pointed towards a sound. Due to the sensitivity of the mic, you must configure Amplitude for different situations, such as listening indoors versus outdoors.

Step 1

Attach earbuds to your iPad. Amplitude requires earbuds for optimal results.

Step 2

Turn the iPad volume to around 50 percent to prevent loud sounds from hurting your ears when you first open the app.

Step 3

Launch Amplitude, and then point your iPad towards a sound. The mic must be in the direction of the sound.

Step 4

Unmute Amplitude by tapping “Mute.” Amplitude starts out muted. You can change this by tapping “Info,” and then sliding “Mute at Start” to “Off.”

Step 5

Slide the Amplitude mic boost slider to adjust the mic sensitivity from within the app. Increasing the sensitivity helps draw in quieter sounds.