Bible studies allow people to not only learn about the Bible and their faith, but also build friendships and strong relationships. The Bible instructs people to love their neighbors, so inviting them to a Bible study at your home is a way to build positive relationships, while sharing your faith. However, religion can be a touchy subject, as people often share different views and possess different faiths. That’s why it’s important to be friendly and respectful when inviting a neighbor to a Bible study.

Decide all the details for your Bible study. For example: “Wednesday night from 7 to 8 p.m.” Also consider whether to have a target audience for your Bible study, such as married couples or teenagers. This helps you decide who to send invitations to.

Create a personalized invitation to give to your neighbor. The more personal it is, the more likely he is to attend. Write his name on the invitation, as well as important information -- such as when the Bible study meets, your address and a number to call for more information. Act friendly and interested in him attending, but avoid doomsday messages such as, “We’re praying for your soul. You really need this or else…”

Address the envelope with your neighbor’s address and your return address. Handwriting this information shows more care on your part.

Mail the invitation. While you can email an invitation if you know your neighbor's email address, a mailed invitation gets more attention and increases the likelihood he will attend. You can phone your neighbor or ring his doorbell, but he may feel trapped and put on the spot.

Items you will need

  • Invitation

  • Envelope

  • Stamp


  • In your invitation, explain some of the benefits of the Bible study, such as, “Understanding what God can do to help us through these tough times.” If your home has room, encourage him to bring a friend or loved one, which may help him feel more comfortable if you're not close friends.

    Share the positives of Bible study in addition to the religious aspects. Bible studies are a chance to meet other neighbors and spend time with friends.


  • Neighbors may feel uncomfortable about attending a Bible study, if they think they'll be pressured to conform to a certain religion or lifestyle. Make it clear in your invitation that this is a pressure-free environment, that they can come and go at anytime without any hard feelings.