How to Write a Report on a Jazz Concert

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Jazz is a music style that first gained popularity in southern cities like New Orleans around the turn of the 20th century. It is a very emotional brand of music that reflects the trials and hardships felt by the people who performed its tunes. A Jazz concert can be a fantastic opportunity to not only hear some great music, but learn about its cultural significance in American history. All of this can be reflected in a well-written report about a jazz concert.

1 Obtain a program

Obtain a program as you enter the concert. It will have a list of songs on it, which will be useful as you sit down to write the report. If no program is available, be sure to write down the songs as they are played.

2 Write down your observations during each song in your notebook

Write down your observations during each song in your notebook. It'll help you remember each song when you go to write the report. Jot down whether you liked the song or not, if there were any solos you enjoyed and whatever emotions were conveyed during the performance.

3 Start the outline for your report

Start the outline for your report as soon as you get home from the performance. This is when your opinions and memories of the concert will be most fresh. Keeping in mind the guidelines given for the report, organize the beginning, middle and end of your piece.

4 Write a rough draft

Write a rough draft. Start with general information about the event. For example, where the event was held, who was performing and whether there was anything significant about the night of the event or its purpose. Highlight the songs that you liked the most, and discuss anything about the concert that you liked the least. Jazz can often include some unique styles and instruments, so it's good to talk about the tone and makeup of the concert. Be sure to match the emotion of the piece with how you describe each song. Conclude your report by summarizing the concert and giving your overall thoughts.

5 Review your report

Review your report, make the necessary corrections and submit the finished document.

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