How to Write a DARE Essay

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Writing a DARE essay isn't as difficult as you may think. The most important thing you'll need is what you learned in DARE class, some investigative research, and your personal experiences.

  • Computer with an Internet connection or pen and paper
  • Your DARE materials along with a highlighter

1 Identify a main idea

Identify a main idea that you want to convey in your essay. DARE, which means Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is about keeping kids away from drugs and alcohol. During your DARE classes, you learned about how drugs and alcohol can impede you from achieving your dreams and reaching your goals. Think about how this message will impact you. Any kind of personal story is always an effective way to communicate what you've learned.

2 Review your DARE materials

Review your DARE materials. You need to review any handouts, booklets, or fact sheets before writing your essay. Because you've already covered the material, skim each handout or sheet and highlight the important facts that you've learned.

3 Do your research

Do your research and write a story about how drugs or alcohol has already impacted your life. You can always obtain additional information about your main idea from the Internet through a search engine. Don't forget to always refer to any source you use! When writing any essay or story, a personal reference is always a great way to grab your audience's attention and illustrate your point. If you have a family member, friend, or loved one who has struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, tell his or her story. Any real-life example that has had an impact on your life or a family member's life is extremely powerful.

4 To begin an essay

The best way to begin an essay is with an outline. Creating an outline will help to keep you on track as you write your essay and guide you through paragraph transitions. The outline can be roughly created on a sheet of paper that you'll keep next to you while you write your essay, either on the computer or by hand.

5 Close the door

Close the door, turn off the TV, and begin to write. Include your title, a paragraph explaining your main idea, and several supporting paragraphs that back up your main idea. Also include a strong conclusion. Summarize your entire essay in your conclusion while letting your audience ponder your message. Use your outline to guide you through your writing, but don't forget to let your words and personality shine through in your words. A DARE essay is very personal, so put some of yourself and your heart into it. Remember, this is your pledge to stay away from drugs and alcohol, so dig deep and think about what this essay means to you.

  • Keep your DARE materials handy for reference.
  • Include a personal story if you have one.
  • If you are hand writing your essay, be sure you use your very best handwriting and keep your paper clean and free of smudges and rips.
  • Always use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and don't forget to review and revise your draft until you know it is perfect.
  • Let someone else read your esssay to help you edit it.

Gina Ragusa has made a career out of writing for the past 15 years, with an emphasis on financial institution writing. Ragusa has written for Consumer Lending News, Deposit and Loan Growth Strategies and Community Bank President. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University.