What Is the Fivefold Ministry?

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The five-fold gifts of ministry were given to people by Jesus, according to the Bible, found in Ephesians 4:11, written by the apostle Paul. Solme churches see the five-fold ministries as necessary to carry out God’s plan and use them to organize the church institution. The belief is that each person is given a unique talent to strengthen the church of Christ, to perfect Christians and spread the word of God. However, beliefs vary, especially regarding the offices of the apostle and the prophet. Many Christian churches no longer actively teach the five offices, although it is still being taught by many Pentecostal churches. These offices include apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Each office has a duty to carry out certain responsibilities, and the people who embody these gifts are trusted to hold the following characteristics.

1 Apostle

Apostles are meant to govern society. They influence and guide people. Apostles oversee the local, regional and worldwide churches. They are visionary leaders for their communities and are good at delegating responsibilities. They are administrators for doctrine and discipline.

2 Prophet

A prophet guides people. Churches believe they have the ability to convey messages from God and foretell what God will do in the future for people, society or the church. Prophets are good at encouraging and preaching. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and see things as black and white. This gives them a keen sense of justice. Some prophets are introverts, preferring their solitude to social situations. They enjoy their private prayer time. Their responsibility is to recognize, understand and proclaim God’s word.

3 Evangelist

Evangelists bring the gospel to nonbelievers. They are convincing communicators, making them good salesmen and giving them the power to influence many people. They have a deep-rooted concern for the faithfully lost and try to bring them in. They are adaptable people with the ability to thrive in any situation or culture.

4 Pastor

The pastor is meant to protect. Pastors love taking care of their church family and attending to their everyday needs. They are nurturing and love being around people. They will often frequently visit their congregation and are very hospitable in their own home. They are peaceful, disarming, motivating and they counsel with wisdom.

5 Teacher

Teachers can take a complicated subject and explain it so it's easy to understand. They are logical, scientific, detailed and reasonable. They enjoy private or group Bible study and often use the Bible as a tool for problem resolution.

Mona Almobayyed started writing in 2007. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, she wrote a children's clinic proposal and various development plans for the Municipal Women’s Office of Tecpan. Almobayyed has written a trails plan, grants and critiques as an M.A. student in urban planning at the University of Cincinnati. She received a B.A. in sociology and Spanish from Ohio Wesleyan University.