Types of Catholic Priests

Catholic Priest
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In the United States there are 41,406 Catholic priests. These men share the sacrament of holy orders. Priests are not the only ordained members of the Catholic Church, but when people think of Catholic clergy, they most often think of priests.

1 Diocesan Priests

Diocesan Priests minister under the guidance of the diocesan bishop.
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The majority of priests belong to a diocese. They dwell in a specific geographic area, such as Philadelphia. These priests minister under the guidance of the diocesan bishop.

2 Religious Order Priests

Religious Order Priest
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Ordered priests belong to a community such as the Franciscans or Benedictines. They live in community, eating and praying together. They often minister within and without their community.

3 What Do Priests Do?

Priest counseling the youth.
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Priests serve as pastors to parishes, teachers, and chaplains for hospitals or prisons. Within the parish, duties include preparing themselves and parishioners for the sacraments, counseling, and overseeing parish administration.

4 Priesthood and Marriage

Catholic priests vow to celibacy and do not marry.
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Celibacy is traditional in the Latin Rite of the church. Eastern Rite priests are allowed to be married before ordination. There are married Latin Rite priests who converted from Lutheranism or Episcopalianism.

5 Women and the Priesthood

Women cannot be ordained priests, if they wish to serve God as a nun, they promises to live as a consecrated religious for the rest of her life.
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Women share in the priesthood of all believers, but cannot be ordained priests. Pope John Paul II formally stated that the church does not have the power to ordain women.

6 Missionary Priests Come To The USA

Missionary Priests minister to Catholics in the United States in inner-city, rural and suburban parishes.
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Today 20% of diocesan priests are from Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, India and Asia. They minister to Catholics in the United States in inner-city, rural and suburban parishes.

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