What Is a Group Home?

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Group homes are residential facilities that offer long term care and house clients from a specific demographic. The goal of a group home is to help the client learn to live a product, self-sufficient life.

1 Types

Group homes may house pregnant teens, troubled youth and clients with disabilities. Some transitory homes may help clients recently released from prison or who have completed a rehabilitation program.

2 Staff

Caregivers are responsible for helping clients receive care from community service organizations, education, medical care and therapy. They also teach daily living skills such as housekeeping, laundry and social skills.

3 Location

Group homes can be located in any neighborhood in any city, and usually look like all the other homes in the area.

4 History

Group homes developed in the 1960s and 1970s due to psychiatric facilties closing. Many of the homes are state and federally funded, and most are privately owned.

5 Impact

According to the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, studies regarding the impact of living in a group home show increases in independence, behavior, productivity and transitioning into the community.

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