Educators and Health care professionals break metal handicap into multiple levels of need, based on the testable IQ of the person in question, and the resulting level of need they experience. High functioning individuals with a lower than average IQ fall into a classification known as educable mentally handicapped or educable mentally retarded.


According to Burke County Public Schools' exceptionality standards, those diagnosed as educable mentally retarded, have noticeable delays, and when tested have an IQ, which falls in an approximate range of 50 to 75.


According to MassGeneral Hospital for Children, those diagnosed as educable mentally handicapped can progress to a mastery level of objectives on the third to fifth grade level, and to a level of basic proficiency on the sixth grade level.

Adaptive Behavior

There exists no noticeable impairment of adaptive behaviors or ability to maintain self care, hygiene and basic day to day tasks. Mastery of self care may occur more slowly than in a person of average intelligence.

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Living Situation

Members of the educable slow can, with proper support and effective life skill training become capable of living on their own.


Educable mentally handicapped are capable of mastering basic vocational skills. With training, most can become economically self sufficient.