There are many legends surrounding these strange stones;shamans use them to heal and communicate with other realms and Hopi Indians play marbles with their ancestors to gain knowledge. Moqui Marbles or Mochi Stones are mysterious sandstone balls covered in hematite (iron ore) and were discovered in the Navajo Sandstone Formation in Utah. These stones are found in pairs: one more rounded formation which is considered the female and has a - charge and the disk-like formation which has a + charge. They have an uncanny ability to realign the energy body and energy centers immediately, without a lot of mumbojumbo. When we work with computers all day, or have night shifts or generally get into a negative spiral, our energy polarity (male/female or +/- charge) can get off balance. These stones reboot the +/- energy flow and stabilize the energy field.

Moqui Female

If you hold the Moqui Marbles in your hand and pull them apart slowly, you will sense a slight pull or push. Play with them until you can sense this a bit.

Moqui Male

One way to align the energy body is to place the rounded stone in the left hand and the disk-like one in the right hand. Sit for a few minutes quietly and they will correct the energy flow. For some people this is reversed. You can tell if they are working when you feel slight pulsating warmth in one or both of your hands.

Right Hand Moqui

You can also lie down and place one above your head and the other at your feet. The Moqui that worked in your left hand should go above the head and the Moqui that was in the right hand under the feet.

Left Hand Moqui

You can also use them for relieving pain in the body. Just place them in the area where the pain is.

Generally, just holding them in your hands and letting the body align is enough. Once the energy is rebooted and restored, the physical body usually knows how to do the work of healing itself. So, don't make it too complicated. For most purposes the round one in the left hand and the disk-like in the right hand is more than enough to feel refreshed, centered and grounded.


  • These stones don't ever need clearing.

  • The shouldn't be placed near water because of the iron content.


  • Some healers say that if you grind the two balls together, it trains one to hear inaudible sounds.

  • If you feel restless and can't sleep at night, one reason may be an unbalanced polarity. The Moqui Stones realign the body for a restful sleep and protect the body while it is resting.

  • Use them after meditation or massage to ground