How to Keep a Bra From Bending in the Washer

Even if you machine wash, you should always line dry your bras.
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Washing machines and underwires can be a bad combination. Rough washing can bend, twist or break the wires in your bras. While handwashing is best, you can safely machine wash your underwire bras and keep them looking and feeling their best, preventing the wires from digging into your skin or popping out of their casings while you're wearing them.

1 Washing Your Wires

Machine washing underwire bras isn't difficult, but it does take a bit of preparation. Always fasten your bra clasps securely. Place the bras, washing light colors with light colors and dark colors with dark colors, in a zippered mesh lingerie bag or a pillowcase. Tie the pillowcase in a knot, if you're using one. Place the lingerie bag, along with other lightweight and delicate items, into your washing machine. Choose the delicate or gentle setting, along with cool or cold water. Add a gentle detergent. Once the washer is finished, remove the bras from the lingerie bag or pillowcase, gently reshape by hand as needed and hang to dry. Wash your bras every two to three wearings or more often if they're heavily soiled after a workout.

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