How to Get Twitter to Reactivate Your Account

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Deactivating your Twitter account immediately stops all notifications, tweets and messages. This bold step is a viable option if the numerous tweets have grown annoying or you find your time wasted on personal tweets or updates. If you change your mind, however, you can reactivate your account as long as the grace period has not expired.

1 Grace Period

Twitter grants a 30-day grace period after deactivating your account during which time you can reactivate it and fully recover your data. If you fail to reactivate the account before expiration of this grace period, your account is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Your only solution to a permanently deleted account is to sign up for a new one.

2 Reactivating the Account

Simply logging in to your Twitter account reactivates it, assuming the 30-day grace period has not expired. Reactivation is not available through a mobile device, so you must reactivate the account from your computer. You'll know the account is reactivated when you see your home page after logging in. No further steps are required.

3 Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, you'll obviously have trouble logging in to your account. However, the option to reset your password is not available on deactivated accounts. If you have trouble remembering your password, contact a support representative (link in Resources) and ask to manually reactivate your account. Once reactivated, you can request an email to reset your password (link in Resources).

4 Other Problems

Twitter sometimes presents an error that states reactivation is disabled even when logging in before the 30-day grace period expires. If that happens, simply try again later. However, if you're close to the 30-day cutoff, contact a Twitter agent through the support forms (link in Resources). Once activated, your follower, following and tweet numbers might not be immediately accurate. That's a common problem, which should be automatically corrected within 24 hours. Twitter recommends contacting a support agent only if the correct numbers don't appear within 48 hours.

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