Change your Kindle app's reading voice with the pitch setting.

Your iPad offers a number of accessibility features that are designed to assist people with disabilities in using the device. These features can be enabled and turned on when you need them using a simple device gesture, then used in conjunction with the Kindle reading app to turn your favorite books into audiobooks.

Enabling Voice Over

Navigate to your Home screen and launch the Settings app, then tap "General" and select "Accessibility." Scroll to the "Vision" section and tap "VoiceOver." Enable it by toggling the slider to green. Use the "Speaking Rate" setting on this same screen to modify the pitch of the voice.

VoiceOver Shortcut Options

With the VoiceOver feature enabled, you may find that your device is providing you with constant audio assistance -- reading your emails, for example, navigating the Web or even providing a spoken map of the icons on your Home screen. To avoid this, turn on Triple Click for VoiceOver -- in the Accessibility menu, tap "Triple Click" and ensure there's a check next to "VoiceOver." Once Triple Click is enabled for VoiceOver, you need only press the Home button three times to turn the feature on and off.