Topical Speech Topics

Speeches can be competitive or informative.

Giving a topical speech allows you to introduce your audience to a new interest or hobby. You won't be able to provide every minute detail about your subject in a topical speech. Instead, your goal is to give an overview of the subject and stir the interest of your audience members, encouraging them to research it further.

1 History

Give a speech about the history of a subject. Provide information in the speech about why the history of that subject is important. For example, describe the history of a significant movement, such as the Underground Railroad, or an important event, such as the invention of the airplane. Alternatively, center your speech on the history of your state and the famous figures in history that contributed to the state being created and its background.

2 Products

Discuss the importance of a specific product in society. For example, create a speech based on a type of transportation such as the train. In your speech, include some of the challenges faced when developing the train and the railroads along which it traveled. Mention those people that are well known for their contributions to the research and creation of the product.

3 Technology

Choose a type of technology and inform your audience about it. A few examples could be the creation of cell phones or the evolution of the Internet. Discuss some of the advantages of the product as we have it now. Include information about costs when it was first invented as compared to costs today. Include information about possible future improvements in the technology.

4 Hobbies

Research one of your favorite hobbies and provide information to the others in your class or group about it. For example, research the history of the game of billiards. In your speech, discuss how the game has changed over the years and some of the famous figures that played the game. Provide information about some of the different variations that are played in regions of the country and throughout the world.

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