The rapid pace of technological growth changes the world as we know it. Many of these changes prove beneficial, but some come with negative side effects. When writing a research paper on technology, choose a simple issue that impacts a wide range of people and note both the good and bad effects of these technological leaps.

Internet News

The popularity of Internet news increases the number of people that rely on the Internet more in general. Discuss the history of Internet news, as well as any accompanying praises or concerns about what this development means for the accuracy of news reporting.

Downloading Ethics

People have debated the ethics of free downloading since the downloading phenomenon began. Research the history of downloading controversies surrounding Internet music-sharing programs and websites offering full or partial downloads of copyrighted music and video clips.

Television Content and Technology

Trace the history of television content and technology. Observe how television programming and ethics has changed in the decades since its creation. Note any coinciding changes with the actual technology of television, from the transition into color to the trend of high definition.


Improved technology means more effective transfer of information and entertainment, some of which causes considerable controversy. Dive into the history of censorship in the entertainment industry and compare that history to the shorter history of Internet censorship.

Computer Crime

Discuss how computer crime rates rise or fall in light of new computer technology, noting trends that reduced rates and those that increased rates. Apply the research to different areas of computer crime, including hacking, stalking, online child pornography and piracy.


Automation, the use of advanced technology and electronic hardware to control equipment in the place of human workers, has arguably helped and hurt the American culture, depending on your perspective. Observe the benefits of automation along with its possible historical downsides.

Computer Dependency

Contemporary society depends on computers for hospitals, crime detection and airplanes, among many other things. Mention the improvements that such a dependency causes but also discuss any potential declination in these areas as well as concerns for the future from experts.

Information Technology at Work

Information technology changes the face of the workplace with every technological leap. Research the ways these technological leaps changed working conditions over the past decade, from the practice of telecommuting to practices within the traditional workplace setting.

Social Networking

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and social media platforms significantly changed the way people interact with one another, both personally and professionally. Discuss the current social media trend and what researchers say about the effect this trend has on interactions in the real world.

Technology and Education

As technology becomes more prevalent and readily accessible, educational institutes generally expect students to use technology while at school and at home. Research the impact technology dependence has on student performance as well as the potential difficulties faced by those with less access to computers.