Paper Presentation Topics on Advanced Technology

Laptops were once key tools in science fiction dramas. They are now an every day tool for many people.

Technology in the twenty-first century changes at an exponential rate. Every month, year, and decade, scientists and research teams introduce advanced technology that makes human life more enjoyable, efficient and manageable. Technology has enabled mankind to communicate with each other and to explore far regions of space as well as the most mysterious depths of the sea. Advanced technology presentations should cover topics at the forefront of technological exploration and further inspire humanity to push the boundaries of our inventions.

1 Electric Vehicles and Power Sources

The market for electric vehicles is only expanding as fuel becomes more expensive and the world becomes more aware of the fact that there is a finite amount of fossil fuel available for man's consumption. This presentation should cover the emerging electric and hybrid vehicle market as well as alternative power sources and batteries that are rechargeable rather than consumable. Statistical information about the rise of electric vehicles and tax breaks permitted for owners of hybrid vehicles are persuasive presentation points.

2 Transmission and Communication

The next wave of communication technology is wireless. Where fiber optics enhance communication, wireless advanced technology will free it from its land-based limitations. A presentation on advanced communication technology should include an analysis of wireless radio and satellite technology as well as new experimental inventions such as wireless USB (WUSB) and personal area networks (PANs). Where once it was only possible to communicate with neighbors within the same city, it is now possible to communicate instantaneously with someone half way across the globe. With wireless technology seamlessly integrating communication devices as people move around the globe, the possibilities are endless.

3 Artificial Organs and Robot-assisted Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is a relatively new process in which computers and robots conduct surgical procedures either independently or with human assistance. Artificial organ technology has a long history that has recently included experimentation in cloning organs to get as close as possible to authenticating human anatomy. A presentation on these advanced technologies should contain information about life-saving procedures that have and continue to be utilized as well as the benefits that come from artificial organs and robot-assisted surgery that cannot come from natural donated organs and human-performed surgical procedures.

4 Artificial Intelligence

Scientists that focus on artificial intelligence experiment on several levels. They have managed to create robots that approximate human actions, voice intonation, relationships and expressions to a certain extent. However, scientists have not managed to create man, nor do they claim that creating life is the ultimate goal. A presentation on artificial intelligence should cover the history of artificial intelligence, goals for future inventions, their actions and purpose as well as the moral implications that will always revolve around man's quest to create life using technology.

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