How to Format Biography Letters

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There are several occasions during your adult life when you may be called on to submit a biography letter. Some common examples are resume cover letters and admissions letters for schools, clubs and organizations. Some industries use biography letters on an everyday basis such as the publishing industry. Regardless of the situation, a well-formatted biography letter can often be the case between a seal of approval or a very disappointing denial.

1 Write an introductory paragraph

Write an introductory paragraph that not only introduces you to the reader, but also contains a "hook" that entices the reader to continue reading. One example might be: "My work has been significantly influenced by my journey from editing my high school's newspaper to becoming an award-winning photojournalist."

2 Write a paragraph

Write a paragraph that details the work you are submitting if your letter is heading to a publisher. Summarize the work in a way that makes it sound enticing and attention-worthy.

3 Write a paragraph-2

Write a paragraph documenting your education and credentials. However, don't give every detail special attention. Highlight the important aspects such as degrees, scholarships and any special certifications. Anything smaller should be saved for your resume.

4 Write a paragraph detailing relevant accomplishments

Write a paragraph detailing relevant accomplishments. Because you are nearing the end of your letter, you will want to leave your reader with a lasting good impression. If you are just starting out and have not yet made a mark in your field, use this paragraph to list any applicable special skills you have that would make you stand out from others.

5 Write a few lines to conclude your letter

Write a few lines to conclude your letter, including your appreciation for the reader's time and consideration.

Kelly O'Gea entered journalism in 2009. Since then, she has been the general editor of the collegiate publication "GAMBIT." O'Gea has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Southeastern Louisiana University.