How to Write a Friendship Card

A friendship card might include memories of good times shared together.
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Whether the friendship is old or new, penning a friendship card to show your appreciation can make pleasant memories for both of you. Though the feelings may be there, you may struggle with how to put your emotions onto paper. Thankfully, there are several ways to write a friendship card.

1 Gathering Inspiration

While browsing through the card aisle at a store, you might notice several different quotes and poems on friendship cards. You may want to add these passages into your friendship card to convey the right feeling. You could also write your own poem about your friend's best attributes, a time he made the greatest impression on you, or to thank him for a kind gesture, according to online card maker Blue Mountain.

2 Think It Out

If writing a card has you stumped, think about why the two of you are friends in the first place and jot down your notes. Maybe you appreciate your friend's support as you go for your goals or the way she stands up for you when you feel unable to do so yourself. When figuring out which compliments to include in your card, make sure that they are positive--and that they will not be embarrassing if her friends and family see your card.

3 Long Gaps in Communication

You may be sending a friendship card to seal a rift or to end a long duration without communication. In those instances, you should begin the card acknowledging why you are writing, according to greeting card maker Hallmark. You might write "I can't believe how long it's been, so I wanted to check up and see how you are doing" after a long gap. If a disagreement has fueled the silence, acknowledge your part in the problem and accept any blame. Your letter might begin, "I'm sorry about what I said to you. I wanted you to know that I love and care about you."

4 Example Letters

Finding the right words can be tough--but there are several ways to acknowledge a friend in a card. You might write "Time goes by so quickly, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate our friendship. I admire you for being so nice and thoughtful to me. You have been there whenever I've had problems with school or family. Thank you again for being my friend." You could also write "I started thinking about you today and wanted to make sure I told you how I feel about you. You have a great sense of humor, and you always know how to cheer me up. I enjoy spending time with you and can't wait to hang out again next week," according to paper product manufacturer European Paper's blog.

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