How to Tell If an iPhone Has Been Hacked

If you're noticing unusual activity on your iPhone, malware may be vying for your personal info.
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If you own an iPhone, you're already aware of how clever the device is. But what if your smartphone seems to be acting with a mind of its own? Is it sending texts without your knowledge or launching apps without your touch? Many indicators exist that a mobile device is infected with malware that can access private information, control your device and even steal your money through unauthorized charges.

1 Unusual Phone Bill Charges

Every mobile device owner should make a habit of regularly checking their phone bill, as this could be an indicator of illicit activity on your smartphone. Some types of malware are designed to send "text to donate" messages that get charged to your phone bill and get deposited into the criminal's bank account. These charges are often small, though significant. If you regularly send text to messages to charities like Red Cross, track the numbers you donate to and compare them against your phone bill.

2 Unauthorized Phone Activity

Malicious content like spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses are much harder to hide on a smartphone than a computer. Evidence of their existence is indicated through the random opening and closing of apps and even the sending of unauthorized text messages. As you use your iPhone, keep an eye out for apps launching on their own or apps you're using suddenly shutting down. This indicates a conflict with the malware code or that the malware is attempting to access your personal information via an existing app.

3 Short Battery Life

Battery drain on iPhones already pose a problem for many smartphone users depending on network settings or the use of ad-funded "lite" apps. The presence of malware on a smartphone accelerates the rate of draining to a very noticeable degree. Malware is always running in the background, which holds the invariable effect of a shorter battery life. Standard battery life on an iPhone should allow you to go through an entire day without needing to charge the device.

4 Tell-Tale Signs

Additional signs exist that malware may be present on your iPhone. When on a phone call, keep the palm of your hand against the back of the device. If you notice the iPhone is much warmer than usual, this means the smartphone is also using the Internet concurrently with your cellular call, an indicator that malware is currently running in the background.

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