If your settings for Internet Explorer are configured correctly, the browser will store passwords for cloud-based email services like Yahoo Mail and other membership sites. If Internet Explorer’s auto-complete feature does not save passwords for the password-protected sites you visit, even though you have selected the option in your browser settings, certain options may be conflicting, preventing the browser from saving your site passwords.

Possible Conflicting Settings

If you have Internet Explorer set to delete all browser history, cookies and cache when you close the browser, IE will not store your site passwords. This setting must be disabled for IE to save your site passwords. Additionally, you must have the Auto-complete settings correctly configured in order for IE to save site passwords.

Browser History Settings

Check the Browser History settings in the Internet Options dialog box. To view these settings, open Internet Explorer, then click the “Tools” option in the top navigation menu. Click “Internet Options,” then click the “General” tab. Click the “Delete Browser History on Exit” check box to clear the option, if checked. Click “Apply,” then “OK” to save the settings.

Auto-Complete Settings

After checking the Browser History settings, verify the Auto-complete settings in the Internet Options dialog box. Click the “Content” tab, then click the “Settings” option in the Auto-complete section. Click the “User Names and Passwords on Forms” check box, then click “OK” twice to save the settings.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Test the Settings

Close, then reopen Internet Explorer. Navigate to a password-protected site in the browser, then log in with your site credentials. Log out, then close the browser. Reopen the browser and return to the site. Internet Explorer should now remember your password for the site.