How to Tell if a Guy Doesn't Love You Anymore

If  your guy doesn't love you anymore, you may see less and less of him.
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There’s nothing quite like a relationship with the right guy, especially when the progression of the relationship feels right. Sadly, when something goes wrong, it can color your world unhappy shades of blue. Before you look for a paint brush, and lots of blue paint, take some time to consider your guy’s behavior. Love is a pretty word, and is linked with equally pretty songs, promises and expectations. However, the answer to the question of how to know whether your guy still loves you can usually be found in his behavior.

1 Too Many Excuses

Separate people demonstrate separate interests and enjoy diverse activities. It’s unhealthy to be attached at the hip, so it’s great when a couple pursues individual interests, according to counselor Stephanie Sarkis in the Psychology Today article, “7 Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup.” If your guy begins using his other interests as an excuse to avoid spending time with you, consider it a sign of serious problems in your relationship. When a guy’s feelings change, he may look for reasons not to be spend quality time together.

2 Your Best Friend

When relationships endure, couples share a compassionate component in addition to a romance. In other words, they consider themselves good friends, perhaps even best friends, says marriage and family therapist Lisa Kift in the article, “Ten Characteristics of Successful Relationships.” Good friends look forward to sharing the happy and challenging aspects about their daily lives, even though they don’t always agree. If your guy seems to resemble a stranger more than your best friend, his behavior may communicate that he is experiencing a shift in his feelings.

3 Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s normal for relationships to experience occasional stormy weather, and for one or both partners to sometimes express discontent about problems that exist. However, if stormy weather becomes a consistent forecast for the climate of your relationship, bigger issues may be on the horizon for you and your guy. For example, if you communicate your displeasure about a specific issue in your relationship, and your guy continues to ignore it, his indifference may represent a change of heart. It pays to pay attention to what your guy doesn’t do.

4 Silent Treatment

Men respond differently to stress in relationships, says licensed psychologist Shawn Smith in the Psychology Today article, “Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It, Part One." There’s no need to press the panic button if your guy clams up from time to time. If you see your guy exhibiting emotional withdrawal, or simply not having much to say, this is normal guy behavior when he struggles to process stress, hurt feelings or anger. If you give your guy adequate time and space, as well opportunities to express his frustration, and he remains withdrawn or aloof, significant problems exist between you and your guy.