How to Help Your Boyfriend Trust You

Share the ups and downs of your day with him.
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Trust is necessary between you and your boyfriend if you plan on enjoying a lasting relationship. In fact, research published in 2013 by Northwestern University and Redeemer University College shows that when your partner trusts you, he is more likely to forget and forgive you for negative events in the past. This ability to view a partner more positively is actually beneficial when it comes to preserving a healthy relationship. Learn a few strategies to build trust with your boyfriend and reap this benefit.

1 No Blaming

Stay away from the blame game, suggests workplace consultant Nan S. Russell, in a "Psychology Today" online article. A relationship requires two people to work together, so if you fail to accept at least partial responsibility for problems in your relationship, you jeopardize your boyfriend's trust. Even if he seems to be the problem, shoulder a bit of the responsibility. For example, if he stonewalled you because he felt neglected, admit that you both contributed to the problem. In addition, when making a case, learn to use "I" statements, rather than "you" statements. For example, don't say, "You never talk to me," say, "I feel like we're having communication issues."

2 Offer Respect and Empathy

You can build trust with your boyfriend by showing him respect, suggests Russell. Don't talk over him in conversations -- no matter how heated they get, offer him praise when he is trying his best and show that you value his opinions. Don't expect your boyfriend to be a perfect person. When he makes a mistake, offer him empathy. Try to see the problem through his eyes and make an attempt to relate. For example, if he fails a class, tell him about a time you didn't succeed in the classroom. In time, he will trust you to demonstrate compassion, rather than be judgmental, and he will trust you with deeper issues.

3 Share Your Feelings

If you aren't open with him, you can't expect him to be open with you. Share your emotions with him, suggests couples therapist Joel Block in a "Women's Health" online article, "10 Ways to Build Trust in Your Relationship." If you're having a bad day, don't bottle it up. Explain to him what went wrong and how it made you feel, even if he won't be able to remedy the problem. In turn, he will become comfortable with telling you about his own emotions.

4 Be Reliable

Be a reliable person, reminds Block. If you say you will meet him for lunch at a cafe around noon, be there and be on time. If you are running late, send him a text or give him a call and explain why you aren't on time and when you plan to be there. He needs to trust you with the small things, such as remembering dates, before he really trusts you with more important issues.

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