How to Tell If a Coworker Wants More Than Friendship

A coworker with a romantic interest in you will want to be around you.
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You know your coworker likes you, but you can't determine if he wants to take your friendship to the next level. Relationships can be tricky, especially when you work together. According to in the article, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not," a person tends to be more cautious when pursuing a relationship with a coworker in order to avoid putting the relationship at risk. However, there are signs that you can watch for that may indicate that a coworker wants more than friendship.

1 She's Interested in Getting to Know You

A coworker that is romantically interested in you will show an interest in talking with you. She will ask questions about your life outside of work to try to get to know you better. For instance, she might ask about your family, school or what you like to do for fun. She will listen to what you say and will remember the particulars of the conversation. A person who has a romantic interest in you tends to pay close attention in order to get details about you to win your interest, says

2 Excuses, Excuses

A sign that a coworker is interested in you is that she makes excuses to see you. For example, she may call you on the phone with a question that she already knows the answer to or ask you to help her with something. You may notice that she walks past you more frequently than she did in the past. She may offer to help you with a work-related task.

3 Spending Time Together

A coworker who is interested in more than friendship will want to spend time with you outside of work. If she knows you like Indian food, she may mention a new restaurant that opened and ask if you'd like to try it. She may mention an event coming up that she is interested in and invite you to join her.

4 Watch His Body Language

If a coworker has a romantic interest in you, it generally will show in his body language, says For instance, he might lean towards you when you are talking or he may brush his hand against yours or touch your arm when he walks by you. He most likely will maintain good eye contact with you and smile often at you. Another sign of romantic interest is when a person mirrors your body language, says Greg Hartley, former Army Special Forces interrogator in the article, "Sign's He's Into You."

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