Team Building Activities for Sororities

Joining a sorority in college can be a great experience. You have an instant support system, even if your family is living far away. Sisterhood in the Greek system can mean best friends, laughter and solidarity--but it can also mean silly fights or disagreements. Planning team building activities can combat these unpleasant side effects to so much togetherness.

1 Trust Walks

Create a simple obstacle course in the house yard or in an empty field. Divide your sorority sisters into pairs. One partner will be blindfolded, and the other will be her guide. The guide's mission is to navigate her blinded sister through the obstacle course using only verbal instructions. To make this even more challenging, add certain objectives that must be completed during the course--such as picking a flower, walking backward through a certain area, or giving her guide a perfect high-five at the end of the journey. Now switch roles and try again.

2 Keypunch

On a large poster, write the numbers one through 30 in a randomly ordered cluster. Draw a square or circle around each number. Split the sorority into two or three groups. Their goal is to touch each number in numerical order as fast as possible. They get five attempts and 30 minutes to get the best time. Each girl in the group will press one number at a time. Once their 30 minutes begin they can start trying. As they work together, they will begin to create plans based on team work, such as assigning each girl two or three numbers and relying on her to remember where her numbers are. Whichever group accomplishes this task in the least amount of time wins.

3 Bigger and Better

Section the sorority into small groups or pairs. Give each group a few random objects or tools, such as paper clips, markers or toilet paper. Make sure each group has a different assortment of objects. Tell the girls you are going to give them an hour to create the "biggest" or "best" creation they can. Inform them that everyone has different materials, and they should attempt to barter and trade for what they need. Set a specific time limit, one to two hours, and watch them work together while they compete. Once the time is up, present awards based on creativity, sense of humor or usefulness of the creations.

4 Photo Scavenger Hunt

This classic sorority activity enhances sisterhood and makes for a fun afternoon. Determine different search groups. Each group will need a digital camera. Provide them with a list of things they need to take pictures of around the college campus. Ideas might include a photo of a science professor, someone eating the soggy green beans in the school cafeteria, or a car in an expired parking space. Tell the girls to be back by a certain time, and whoever has the most pictures from the list wins.

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