Teacher Picket Sign Ideas

Get students involved and create meaningful signs for picket lines.

Teachers are at home in the classroom, sharing their knowledge, insight and skills with their students. But when the educational system fails them, they are sometimes forced to resort to protest. Picketing signs can prove beneficial in conveying a message of protest. Try to craft signs with messages on both sides of the poster board to catch the eyes of traffic in all directions. Use dark colored markers or cut out letter shapes from vibrant, rich magazine ads to create words and phrases.

1 Children Love Their Teachers

There's no easier way to convey appreciation for teachers than by letting students express it themselves. Children often get attached to their teachers and end up picketing with their parents over educational problems. Encourage kids to express their feelings and admiration for their teachers in colorful signs that they craft themselves. Use white poster board and write the phrases in bubble lettering with a permanent black marker. Color in the bubble forms with bright neon markers. Appropriate phrases may include: "We Love Our Teachers," "Teachers Are Like Second Parents," and "Teacher, Don't Leave Me."

2 National Spirit and Support

Teachers that have to resort to picket lines to have their work-related needs met deserve to highlight the fact that without their services, the country would suffer from substantial ignorance and grave illiteracy. Teachers who live in the United States can draw from their national flag for background color inspiration. One example is to paint a white poster with red and blue stripes, leaving the white exposed for a red, white and blue finish. Add white stars to the red and blue stripes. Once this background has dried, use letter stencils to write a phrase or message across the sign. Bright yellow lettering will stand out well against the background. One example of a suitable phrase is, "Support the Teachers That Support Our Country."

3 Teachers Offer Insight

Book-shaped signs are another option to reflect the importance of literacy. Use a neon pink or yellow poster board for this option. Draw a large rectangle, roughly one-third of the size of the overall paper, in the upper left-hand corner of the poster board. Overlap at two books over the first, and use a permanent black marker to write their titles on their spines. Next, add words or phrases that suit your current battle with the educational system. One applicable phrase may be, "No Teachers. No Insight. Just Empty Words."

4 State of Emergeny

Teachers, educational administrators and parents who wish to convey a sense of urgency regarding problems in the educational system may benefit from a "State of Emergency" style sign. Add, "Don't Turn Your Back on Us," on the opposite side of your "State of Emergency" sign. Turn to your state flag for background color inspiration when crafting these signs. Glue optional images onto the poster board that reflect disastrous conditions or results. A skull-and-cross bones or "No Lifeguard on Duty" sign with unattended swimmers are two applicable suggestions.