Substitute Teacher Job Description for a Resume

A substitute teacher must do the job of the regular teacher.

A substitute teacher's job is much more than just temporary supervision of school-aged children. You must be able to act, react and interact in a professional manner, yet maintain an openness and approachability. This is particularly important when working with young children, who may be intimidated by adults. Being able to convey exactly what a substitute teacher does can be quite difficult. A substitute teacher is a teacher, friend, supervisor, confidant and cheerleader for success. To give evidence of your knack for substitute teaching, include previous experience, interpersonal skills, specialized training and a statement that will convey your love of working with children.

1 Related Experience

Even experience as a camp counselor can help develop skills for teaching.

Include all teaching experience, at any level and in any capacity. Include any experience as a teacher for vacation Bible school, summer camp, the local recreation department and any other teaching experience, paid or unpaid. The resume should highlight your working experience with children or young adults and reflect any working interactions that give credence to your claim of substitute teaching experience.

2 Interpersonal Skills

The substitute teacher must be able to pleasantly converse with students.

Include a list of interpersonal skills that you have developed and that served you well as a substitute teacher. Be prepared to converse with your potential employer about how each of these skills impacted your working environment and job as a substitute teacher.

3 Related or Specialized Training

Learning new classroom management techniques is an example of substitute teacher training.

Include any related or specialized training that you have had that positively impacted your performance as a substitute teacher. For instance, if you attended any professional development (classroom management training) while on the job, include the specifics of that training and information on how the training made a difference to you.

4 Statement of Desire to Work With Children

The effective substitute teacher loves working with children.

Let your resume reflect your desire and love of working with children or young adults. Make it clear that you were drawn to substitute teaching by a desire to make a difference in a child's life, and not just a way to pay the bills.

Katherine Bradley began writing in 2006. Her education and leadership articles have been published on, Montessori Leadership Online and the Georgia Educational Researcher. Bradley completed a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Mercer University in 2009.