How to Smell Fresh When You Work 10 Hours a Day

Hard work means extra precautions to smell your best all day long.
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Smelling pleasant around your co-workers and clients isn't just a bonus, it's a social priority. Whether you work as a sales assistant or a dog walker, at the end of a 10-hour shift you might be smelling the effects of all that hard work. Keeping your body fresh and smelling clean might feel like a challenge far away from the soothing steam of your shower, but a few carefully packed items and precautions make it much easier than you'd think.

Wash your hair before work with a scented shampoo and conditioner. These scents will release throughout the day and help you feel fresh longer.

Apply a long-lasting deodorant with tea-tree oils or witch hazel, both of which naturally kill bacteria and help cut down on body odor development throughout the day. Pack the deodorant in your bag to apply halfway through your day.

Spritz your wrists, midriff and neck with a pleasant body spray to boost your positive-scent effect when you get to work. The body spray will last for a number of hours and release over time.

Wear cotton and breathable clothing whenever possible. The fabric will allow better airflow and cut down on trapped sweat and overheating.

Pack skin cleansing wipes. Take a bathroom break and wipe any areas that feel musty or less-than-fresh with the cleansing wipes. This trick is especially helpful on hot days.

Reapply deodorant after wiping down your armpits midway through your shift if you tend to sweat away your antiperspirant throughout the day.

Take a roller-ball fragrance oil with you. Apply a small amount of the fragrance near your armpits, on your wrists and anywhere else you want extra freshness later on in the day or for the hours right after work. These bottles are small for convenient packing.

Spritz your wrists, neck and midriff with the body spray again if you want a boost of the original scent you started your day with.

  • Be aware of the ingredients in all of your skin products and any allergies you might have.
  • Pack a foot spray in your bag as well if you battle foot sweating and odor. Spritz the spray in your shoes before you leave the house and during a break later in the day.

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