How to Moisturize Hands Overnight Naturally

Hydrating skin begins with drinking plenty of water.
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Active people have hardworking hands and after immersing those hands in water and exposing them to everyday chemicals, the skin may feel dry and irritated. Slathering the hands with scented lotions only provides temporary relief and you could end up with slick, greasy hands. Take a proactive, healthy approach to hydrating the hands -- moisturize them while you sleep. Various methods of hydration as well as topical, natural oils may provide you with the relief you need.

Stop taking hot showers and baths. Exposure to hot water can eradicate the body's natural oils.

Fill a humidifier with purified water and place it in your bedroom, which will add moisture to the air and your skin. By adding moisture in this manner, you help hydrate the top layers of skin. This is especially helpful during winter months when indoor heating systems are in full operation. You need to clean the humidifier regularly to avoid blowing mold spores into the air. Always use clean water.

Pour a few drops of olive oil into the palms of your clean hands. Rub the oil into the palms, the back of the hands and around the nail beds. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that contains monounsaturated fat, which hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy film behind.

Cover the hands with lightweight fabric gloves to retain skin moisture as you sleep. Your hand skin should be lubricated with a natural oil like olive or coconut oil before you put on the gloves.

  • Tanning, drinking alcohol, and smoking all contribute to skin dryness.
  • Swap your handwashing products to gentle formulas to stop oil loss.

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