How to Stop My Bangs From Giving Me Pimples

Your bangs don't have to cause breakouts.
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When you notice pimples popping up on your forehead, you might blame your bangs for the breakout. Bangs themselves don't cause acne, but if you have oily skin and hair, they certainly don't help. If you love your hairstyle, you don't need to resign yourself to constantly battling pimples. Keeping your hair clean and letting your skin breathe works wonders for warding off those unruly zits.

Wash your face at least twice every day to get rid of oil and dirt. Use a mild liquid cleanser and lukewarm water. Dab the skin dry with a washcloth.

Shampoo your hair daily, or whenever it feels greasy. Shampoo cuts through oil and cleans hair, so your bangs are less likely to cause a breakout.

Keep bangs away from your forehead when you're relaxing at home or sleeping. Use hair clips to keep the bangs off your face.

Avoid coating your bangs with hairspray, gel or other styling products. These products can make acne worse. If you must use a styling product, only apply it to the hair that doesn't touch your face.

Forgo wearing makeup on your forehead, or only use non-comedogenic cosmetics, which are oil-free and won't clog pores. Wash your makeup off completely before going to bed.

Pat your forehead with blotting paper throughout the day. Blotting paper absorbs oil and helps keep acne away. Store some in your purse or backpack for use when away from home.

Avoid wearing hats, headbands or any other accessory that wraps around your forehead. These items will keep bangs pressed against your skin, and that boosts the chance that pimples will develop. If you need to wear an accessory, wash it before and after use.

  • If you get a breakout, treat it with a benzoyl peroxide solution.
  • Some facial sunscreens can clog pores, so only use oil-free and non-comedogenic brands.

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