Does Skype Take Up Cell Minutes on an iPhone?

Skype doesn't use cell minutes on the iPhone.
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If the number of minutes you need to chat on your iPhone this month is greater than the number of minutes your cell plan provides, calling your contacts via Skype on your smartphone may be the answer to avoiding a costly cellphone bill.

1 Cell Minutes Are Safe

Skype users can rejoice because calling friends and family through the Skype application on the iPhone doesn't use up cellular plan minutes; however, when your iPhone is not connected to wireless Internet, phoning contacts will use data bandwidth. Unless you have a cell plan with unlimited data, call with caution and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

2 Data Used

Keep tabs on how much data you are using with Skype so you don't go over your data plan. For example, Skype-to-Skype calls lasting approximately one minute will take up about 3MB of data, while calls to mobile numbers or land lines will take up about 1MB for one minute of calling.

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