Singles Ministry: Ideas for Games & Object Lessons

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Jesus used object lessons throughout the Bible. You can do the same thing. Object lessons teach either through the lesson itself or through a game that is played. Singles adults will benefit from object lessons because the lessons are focused on teaching a life principle to the learner so that he can both understand it and apply it to his life.

1 Seek God Object Lesson

An overnight trip can bring your group closer to God.

You will need to purchase or borrow enough tents for your entire group and take them on an overnight trip. Since they are singles, if you work with both male and female singles, provide separate tents for each sex. Tell them to bring nothing along except themselves, a change of clothes and an open mind. Find a place where you and your group will not be disturbed, and set up camp. Take about an hour and set it aside for total silence. Have each person in the group relax and study nature. Again, please stress the value of the silence, as this may be hard for some singles to endure. At the end of the hour, discuss all the things the singles noticed during this time of silence. When the discussion ends, do a lesson on Matthew 6:25-34, in which Jesus tells us to trust in him.

2 Object Lesson on Reading the Bible

Learn to read your Bible more often.

Buy a small can of peanuts, peanut M&Ms, bite-sized Snickers candy bars, and about five to 10 regular-sized Snickers candy bars. Have your group write on a piece of paper the number of days they each spent reading their Bible that week. Go around the room and ask each of them to reveal their number.

Give them a peanut for an answer of one day. Two days: give them an M&M. Three days: bite-sized Snickers. Four days: a bite-sized Snickers and an M&M. Five days: a bite-sized Snickers, an M&M and a peanut. Six days: two bite-sized Snickers, two M&Ms and two peanuts. Seven days: a large Snickers bar, a bite-sized Snickers, an M&M and a peanut.

Illustrate to your singles group how reading their Bible is likened to food. When your mind does not get filled with the Word of God, it is the same as your body not being filled with enough food.

3 Bible Trivia

Who will answer the most questions in Bible Trivia?

Find a good Bible Trivia Game at your local Christian bookstore or online. There are several games geared toward different age levels. A good singles trivia game would be "The Ultimate Bible Quiz," which can be played by teams. When searching for a trivia game, it is good to know the level of Biblical knowledge your group has so you can find one that can be played by everyone.

4 Bible Taboo Game

Don't say the wrong thing in Bible Taboo.

This game is works well for larger groups and is fun to play. In this game, certain words will be "taboo," meaning that you will not be able to use them. You can buy this game at You might want to check out this excellent online store for other games that may also fit your singles ministry needs.

Susanna Johnson began writing professionally in 2010, specializing in ministry leadership and faith-based topics. She draws from more than 15 years of experience as a church administrative assistant. Johnson studied lay counseling at Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, Ind.