What Gets a Man Infatuated?

He may become infatuated when he feels he's met the
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Infatuation is the sudden, intense yet short-lived attraction that you can feel for someone else, according to Sheri Meyers, a marriage and family therapist, in the article "If This Isn't Real Love, What Is? The Fallibility of Infatuation" for the Huffington Post. Beyond physical beauty, guys can become infatuated with your intelligence, your sense of humor and even the way you interact with others.

1 Physical Beauty

A man will be drawn to someone whom he finds physically attractive. He may like the color of your eyes, the hue of your hair, or your warm complexion. Some people have a particular “type,” or preference, which will more likely grab their attention more than others. For some men it may be red hair while another guy may give more attention to someone who has an athletic build. Your outward appearance will make him feel compelled to get close to you.

2 The Way You Move

How you move when you speak or walk can get a man’s attention and result in him desiring you strongly, notes medical doctor Frederic Neuman in the article "What Does It Take to Fall In Love?" for Psychology Today. It could be the way you tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ears when you speak. It could be the way you talk with your hands, always gesticulating. A guy could develop a strong admiration for how you walk or how gracefully you move as you shift your weight from one leg to the other.

3 The Way You Talk

A guy can become infatuated with the way you speak -- with the very sound of your voice, even. He could enjoy the animation and excitement with which you express yourself. He may feel as if he could listen to you talk for hours. It is possible for him to be captivated by how well you communicate and the range of knowledge you display when talking to others. When you speak, after all, you give a glimpse of your intelligence, wit and sense of humor.

4 Something Unexplainable

Sometimes a man can become infatuated with someone without knowing exactly what it is that he is attracted to. His attraction could be related to his present state of mind or the particular mood he is in when he encounters you. A guy could become infatuated after exchanging a brief glance or a smile and a few minutes of conversation with a girl he meets on the bus or in a store. It is possible for him to see a girl in a picture or in a video and long to make a connection from just that one instance.

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