Signs to Leave a Man Alone

If a man shows little interest in you or is disrespectful, this is a sign you should leave him alone.
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When you are getting to know a man, your ability to know when to keep pursuing him and when to back off might be clouded by feelings of infatuation or even mixed signals from the man himself. Whether he is not interested in you or you two are incompatible, stepping away and leaving a man alone when the time is right can save you frustration and protect your self-esteem.

1 He Does Not Return Calls or Texts

If you are in the early stages of dating a man or are just getting to know him and he stops returning your phone calls and text messages, this is a sign to leave the man alone. Although he may be busy with school, work or family, there is also a good chance that he simply may not be interested in you, especially if you have tried to contact him several times with no response. "Believe the behavior your romantic partner is displaying," clinical psychologist Jill P. Weber tells "Psychology Today" in "Five Warnings Suggesting You Should Let This One Go." If this silence comes after a bad date or an argument, this is an even stronger sign that it is probably best to leave this guy alone.

2 He Does Not Maintain Healthy Relationships

When you are around a man, particularly in the early stages of dating, it is typical for him to treat you with kindness and respect. If he is rude or disrespectful to you, this may be a sign that he is either not interested in you or is not ready for a relationship. Likewise, if you notice that the man is hateful or unkind toward his friends, family or even strangers, this may be a sign to leave him alone.

3 You Do Not Share Common Interests or Goals

When you are on a date or learning more about a man and find that you have little in common, this may be a sign to back off. Moreover, if the guy shows disinterest or boredom when you talk about your interests, goals and passions, this probably means that it is not a good match -- either for friendship or a relationship. Even if you are physically attracted to him, disinterest, either verbal or through nonverbal cues such as yawning, crossing his arms or repeatedly looking away, is a good sign that you should leave him alone.

4 He Is Not Available

If you meet a man and he tells you that he is already involved with another woman, is not interested in women or does not want to see anyone, it is unlikely that he will change his mind, even if you care about him deeply. Although it may hurt at first, stopping all contact and leaving this man alone will likely save you heartbreak in the long term. Likewise, if a man tells you he is not interested in you or does not think you are a good match, respect this and step away.

Anna Green has been published in the "Journal of Counselor Education and Supervision" and has been featured regularly in "Counseling News and Notes," Keys Weekly newspapers, "Travel Host Magazine" and "Travel South." After earning degrees in political science and English, she attended law school, then earned her master's of science in mental health counseling. She is the founder of a nonprofit mental health group and personal coaching service.