How Does a Shy Guy Show He Likes You at the First Meeting?

A shy guy might offer a compliment during a first meeting if he likes you.
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Watch for signs that a shy guy likes you when you first meet, and you will know whether or not you should try and see him again. Though a shy guy usually holds back his feelings, nonverbal behaviors can give you a clue about what he thinks of you. If he's really smitten, he might even ask for your number, in which case you won't have to play detective at all.

1 Smiling

Smiling is a universal sign of flirting and attraction. Watch to see if the shy guy's smile lights up his face when you meet -- giving you the feeling that he is focused totally on you. Smiling is an easy way to communicate attraction that doesn't require any expert social maneuvers, so you can be sure he'll do it if he likes you.

2 Body Language

Though a shy guy might feel nervous in your presence to the point that he ignores you or is tongue-tied, his nonverbal behavior should still give you some clues about how he is feeling. For example, anthropologist David Givens identifies four signs of attraction. These include raised shoulders (known as the "cute response"), toes pointing inward (also known as "pigeon toes"), open palms, and a slightly bowed head while he looks up at you. All of these nonverbal signals send the message that he is open and interested in getting to know you -- even though he's shy.

3 Conversation

Shyness can interfere with making small talk, so if a guy doesn't say much during your first meeting, don't read too much into his behavior. However, if he offers you a compliment such as, "Cool jeans," or asks a question like, "What do you think of this party?" these are good signs that he's paying attention and may be interested, asserts licensed therapist Lillian Glass in an article on body language. When a shy guy goes out of his way to make conversation, you can be assured that there is something about you he likes.

4 Meet Again

Most shy guys will feel uncomfortable trying to make plans to see you again. However, if he's worried that another chance meeting is not likely, he might be forthright and ask for your number. If he can't gather the courage to take this step, you might find that he enlists the help of a mutual friend to find out more about you and potentially plan another encounter. Either way, when a shy guy tries to make plans for a second meeting, he is most likely smitten.

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