How Long Should You Wait for a Guy to Call You Before Giving Up?

If the phone's not ringing, he may not be into you after all.
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You’ve met a cute guy at a party, given out your number and try as you will to be busy and not sitting by the phone waiting for him to call – you are. How long should you wait for him to call you before giving up on the idea that he is your soul mate, or at least your next date?

1 Three-Day Average

Most men will not call you the day after they meet you, for fear of being perceived as too eager or desperate. Some even wait a couple of days with the majority of men calling on the third day after first contact. If the third day falls on a weekend, they will wait an extra day because they don’t want you to think that they don’t have plans.

2 One-Week Rule

If it’s been over a week and he hasn’t called, he’s probably not that into you. That being said, there are occasions where a guy may have really lost your number and it’s taken him a while to track you down through school, friends or where you work – but most likely, he’s made a conscious decision not to call you for whatever reason and you should move on.

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