Scout Quartermaster Checklist

A quartermaster ensures equipment has all of its parts.

The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared." This motto mirrors the job of the Boy Scout troop quartermaster, who must always make sure that equipment is in fine working order and that supplies are plentiful before any trip. Depending on the size of the troop, the quartermaster may report to assistant patrol leaders or the senior patrol leader. Additionally, he may have patrol quartermasters that help him with his duties.

1 Record of Inventory

The troop quartermaster is charged with creating a master record of inventory. This includes all equipment and possessions that belong to the troop. Tents, camping lanterns, sleeping bags, mess kits and cooking equipment are all examples of inventory the quartermaster must track. Once the list is created, it should be revised yearly or bi-yearly as equipment is added and removed due to damage or loss.

2 Equipment Inspection

Another task assigned to the quartermaster is to inspect the equipment to make sure it is in fine working order. Examples are making sure tent poles are straight, tent surfaces are not ripped and camping grills are not rusted or no longer usable. Each piece of equipment that is inspected should either be classified for use or listed as in need of repair.

3 Interact with Patrol Quartermasters

Depending on the size of the troop, each patrol may also have its own quartermaster. If this is the case, the troop quartermaster must task the patrol quartermaster with the same duties he has for the troop at large. The difference is that the patrol quartermaster is only concerned with his patrol. In this case, the troop quartermaster asks for items such as equipment lists and inspection reports on that equipment from the patrol quartermaster. Once received, the troop quartermaster makes an overall report.

4 Suggesting New Equipment or Repair

As equipment weathers, deteriorates and breaks down from use, the quartermaster makes recommendations to the patrol leaders as to what equipment needs to be replaced in a prioritized order. Additionally, the patrol quartermaster may locate and price how much the new equipment will cost. If there is an item that needs to be repaired, he will seek out the proper repair person and see that the equipment is repaired to working order using troop funds.

5 Issuing Equipment

Each patrol going on a campout may need slightly different equipment for the excursion. It is the job of the troop quartermaster to issue that equipment in working order and inspect it upon return. Any discrepancy in missing equipment should be brought to the attention of the patrol or troop leader so it may be found or replaced.

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