What Is the SAT Score to Get Accepted to William Paterson University?

Your SAT scores are considered as part of a whole.
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If you are a prospective student applicant to New Jersey’s William Paterson University, you will need to complete their application process. As part of your application packet, you will need to supply WPU with your high school transcripts, Scholastic Aptitude Test scores, recommendations and writing samples. The school will consider two of the three scores you receive from the SAT exam, but your scores are not the deciding factor for your admittance.

1 Required Score

William Paterson University doesn’t have a minimum SAT score requirement. The admissions office considers all components of your application packet. This includes your grade point average from high school, class rank and SAT scores. The average matriculated student at William Paterson University has a score of 1050, which only includes the math and critical reading scores. WPU doesn’t consider the writing section in their decision-making process.