GPA Requirements for New York University Grad School

New York University has a very strong graduate-level education system.
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New York University is located in New York City. Its Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website says that the graduate admissions office looks closely for strong academic records, indications of growth and academic promise and prior achievements in assessing graduate applicants, but no specific minimum or GPA standard is indicated. Similarly, the school's Tisch School of the Arts doesn't note a particular GPA as necessary, but it also indicates the importance of the official transcript in an application.

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The University's "Satisfactory Academic Progress" policy does indicate that graduate students must typically maintain a 3.0 GPA while enrolled in a grad program. Additionally, the GRE, two personal statements and recommendation letters are common grad application components. In its profile of the NYU Stern School of Business, "Bloomberg Businessweek" reported an average GPA of 3.52 for accepted grad business students as of 2013.

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