How to wear the Army ACU uniform

ACU Uniformed Soldier

Ever wonder if there is a specific way the Army wears there uniform? Knowing how to wear the Army ACU the correct way and the positions of where patches belong is a good thing to know, as well as help you identify what they have accomplished in there time in the service.

Put on Tan T-shirt, ACU pants, Green Boot socks and Tan Boots. ACU pants should be tucked into boots.

Before putting on ACU top these items need to be placed on the Blouse: Rank Name Tape U.S. Army Name Tape U.S. Flag Combat Patch Unit Patch Any Qualification Badges

Take and place ACU top on a surface that will make it easy for you to place items on the top. You want the front of the top, with zipper facing you.

While facing top, place the rank patch on the uniform, on the center of the top, where your chest would be if wearing it.

Place name tape up and to the left of the rank patch.

Place U.S. Army name tape up and to the right of the rank patch.

Place U.S. Flag and if you are authorized, the combat patch on the side the name tape is located, on the pocket of the uniform. The U.S. Flag is placed on the pocket flap, the combat patch on the pocket itself.

Place unit patch on the left pocket, same side as the U.S. name tape.

Place any qualification badges above the U.S. name tape. They should be placed 1/4 inch above the tape. Examples of qualification bages are: Airborne Badge, CAB, CIB, Combat Medic

The uniform is compleate for wear. As I stated at the begining, now you know how to wear the Army ACU. This will all so help you to be able to identify others by rank, and there name, and qualifications they have earned.

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