Bonanza, as a modern English word, has several variant definitions that usually refer to a source of great wealth, based on its origins in Greek, Latin and Spanish.

English Definitions

English usage of bonanza dates back to at least 1829, according Merriam-Webster. Basic definitions are "something that produces very good results for someone or something" and "a large amount of something valuable." It can also refer to a large deposit of rich minerals.

Bonanza Etymology

The English word "bonanza" is taken from the modern Spanish language. In Spanish, "bonanza" literally means "calm sea," which implies prosperity and also refers to a rich lode. The Spanish is derived from the Vulgar Latin "bonacia." "Bonacia" is a combination of the Latin "bonus," which means "good," and "malacia," which means "calm sea." "Malacia" comes from the Greek "malakia," which means "softness."