Missouri State Conservation Officer Requirements

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Requirements for a Missouri State Conservation Officer involve much training and education. The role of a Missouri State Conservation Officer is to disseminate information in regard to nature, the environment and conservation. Missouri State Conservation Officers are also required to meet with hunting groups and landowners.

The candidate must attend a 26-week training course offered through the Missouri Conservation Department. Once the applicant contacts the Missouri Conservation Department and fills out an application, the department will contact the candidate about the next class session. Within this 26-week training program are hands-on classroom hours and activities as well as physical exercises and drills.

Another requirement of a Missouri State Conservation Officer is to spend time in the field with a field training agent. This time period is comparable to an internship wherein the candidate is getting experience while, in most cases, still taking classes. The candidate will learn from direct experiences in the field with the field agent.

A candidate interested in becoming a Missouri State Conservation Officer is required to complete 1,000 hours of law enforcement training. This training will include law enforcement drills such as defensive tactics, firearms training and learning how to conduct a criminal investigation. Many times while in the field, Missouri State Conservation Officers come across situations with unhappy landowners, hunters or even animals wherein knowing self-defense and law enforcement training are necessary.

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