How to Minimize the Look of Uneven Skin Caused by Freckles

Subtly camouflage your freckles with the right beauty products.
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Fair-skinned people sometimes have a love hate relationship with their freckles. That sprinkling of dots across the nose and cheeks can be endearingly cute sometimes and maddening at others. An over abundance of freckles can give the appearance of uneven skin and blotchiness, especially in summer when they seem to multiply like rabbits. You can take control of your freckled complexion by brightening up the skin itself and using some crafty makeup techniques.

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen over all of your skin daily, even when it's rainy or cloudy. Opt for one with a minimum SPF of 30 and apply it at least 30 minutes before going outside. This prevents ultra-violet rays from causing additional freckles to develop.

Massage a thin layer of a skin-brightening cream containing vitamin C over all freckled areas every morning. Vitamin C can fade the appearance of freckles slightly. Other ingredients that can help fade freckles are licorice extract, kojic acid, vitamin C, mulberry and soy, according to WebMD.

Even out the look of your skin by applying a light layer of tinted moisturizer in a color that matches your skin tone. Spread the moisturizer over all of your skin, not just the freckled areas.

Use a BB cream that offers the benefits of sunscreen, brightening cream and tinted moisturizer in one formula.

Apply a light layer of a peach-hued blush to the cheeks using a blush brush. Peach blush masks freckles by complementing them rather than contrasting with them.

Open a bottle of an over-the-counter bleaching cream containing hydroquinone. Insert a cotton swab into it and dab the swab only onto the freckled areas of the skin. Reapply every night to fade the pigmentation that causes freckles. If the over-the-counter cream has no effect, visit a dermatologist who can prescribe a stronger version.

  • Do not use hydroquinone bleaching cream for longer than six months.
  • A faster way to even out a freckled complexion is by visiting a dermatologist who can fade them using laser treatments.
  • If you prefer more coverage than a tinted moisturizer provides, opt for a light-reflecting foundation. To find the proper shade, match the color to the underside of your neck.

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