Mints come in handy in a variety of situations. They provide a quick, glucose pick-me-up when the day's activities drain our energy. They give us a first-line defense against sour, offensive breath. Rarely, however, do we consider how mints work the magic that they do. Liquids, such as saliva, react with mints, and depending on their composition, dissolve them quickly or slowly. As mints dissolve, they release their flavorful oils and energizing sugars. If you are looking for a quick science project or just want to satisfy your curiosity, you can actually mimic this process by dissolving a mint yourself.

Making the Mints Dissolve

Step 1

Unwrap the mints.

Step 2

Fill the cup halfway with water.

Step 3

Add the lemon juice to the water. This will somewhat mimic the slight acidity of saliva.

Step 4

Allow the mint to settle in the solution.

Step 5

Examine the mint after 15 minutes to observe the dissolution.

Step 6

Continue observing the mint in 15-minute intervals until the entire mint has been dispersed throughout the solution.