How to Find the Meanings of Names

Find meanings of names.

Whether you have a baby coming and you need to name your new arrival, or you simply feel curious about the meanings of names, exploring those meanings can be a fascinating project. With the Internet at your fingertips, utilize one of the many websites available for researching name meanings. With your new information, go on to choose the perfect name for a new baby or understand the meaning behind a name.

Visit the website to utilize its online database of male and female names. Find the names organized alphabetically, listed by the first and last name included in each section at the bottom of the homepage. By clicking on any link, you arrive at a list with each name, followed by its origin and meaning.

Navigate to the Meaning of Names website for a comprehensive list of names organized alphabetically. After each name, find the gender, meaning and origin. Click on any name to arrive at a brief etymology entry.

Visit the website to explore name meanings. Find name categories in the left sidebar to aid in your search. Choose from categories such as American, English, Hebrew, Spanish and Greek. Narrow your search by gender as well.

Find information about meanings behind surnames by visiting genealogy websites. Visit the Behind the Name website and browse an extensive database of surnames. Select a letter to search for surnames, or search by nationality.

Use your local library as a resource for name meanings. There are books available to help expectant parents name babies, so look through them to see the meanings behind a multitude of names.

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