How to Improve Hindi Vocabulary

Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India. English and Hindi are the two official languages of India. Hindi comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. Several Hindi dialects are spoken in different regions of India. Some reasons to learn Hindi are to communicate more effectively with Indians, read their ancient texts or to follow new Bollywood movies. Build a strong vocabulary to master the language. Practice makes perfect.

Use free language websites to help with your vocabulary (See Resources). Some sites offer vocabulary quizzes where you play hangman, or try to unscramble three words together with hints. Other sites offer flash cards and vocabulary games like Scatter and Space Race. Games are fun and help you stay interested in learning vocabulary.

Practice your Hindi language skills by communicating with a native speaker in person or online. Free language exchange websites help you find a partner with whom to practice Hindi. Ask your partner for the meaning of words he uses that you don't understand.

Make Hindi vocabulary flash cards on note cards. Write the word on one side and the meaning on the other side. Draw pictures on the meaning side to provide extra context and make the cards more fun. Keep the flash cards in a stack and go through them one by one to memorize the meaning of the words. Keep practicing until you get most or all of the flash cards right in a row.

Read Hindi books, newspapers and websites online to practice and improve your vocabulary. You can also watch Bollywood movies with subtitles or listen to songs. Keep a list of words you don't know and look them up in a dictionary later.

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