Saint Matthew is the patron saint of bankers.

Patron saints are chosen to be special guardians or protectors. Roman Catholics believe that the saints who have died and gone to heaven can intercede with God on behalf of people still on earth. When Roman Catholic children are baptized, they sometimes are given the name of a patron saint. Before receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, candidates choose a patron saint. Churches are named after a patron saint. You can choose a patron saint for a marriage, new job or any enterprise. The process of choosing a patron saint involves prayer, study and discernment.

Pray to God for guidance before beginning the process of choosing a patron saint.

Ask family members for names that have strong family associations. Look at lists of saints' names to see if any saints bear the family name or whose name appeals to you.

Research patron saints for your country and the countries your ancestors are from.

Look up the patron saint associated with your profession or interests. Patron saints can be found for various jobs and hobbies.

Read about the lives of the saints. Do any of them have a personality trait you admire or would like to see more of in yourself? If so, that saint may be a good patron saint for you.

Look through your compiled list. Read about the saints, pray and listen to the inner prompting within your heart. One of the saint's names will stick out more than the others.

Things Needed

  • ['Book of saints', 'Online lists of saints names']


  • A priest or nun who knows you well may be able to help you chose a patron saint.

    Choose a saint whose life you admire. If you admire courage and would like to be more courageous yourself, consider choosing one of the martyrs. If you admire compassion, consider one of the saints who were servants of the poor. If you want a deep relationship with God, consider a saint who was a mystic or monastic.

    Your patron saint can be of the same or opposite gender.