MBA Vs. MS Degrees

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An MBA is the master's of business administration degree and the MS is a master's of science degree. Either of these degrees are completed after a student receives the bachelor's degree, and they are often used as means to advanced careers.

1 Master's of Business Administration

The master's of business administration degree prepares students for careers in the business world. Some of the general courses include marketing, operations management, international business and accounting.

2 Master's of Science Degree

With a master's of science degree, students prepare themselves for careers in the sciences. Among the majors offered in this field include biology, mathematics, chemistry, psychology and physics. This is also good for advanced careers.

3 Time Frame

With the MBA, there are different time frames of degree completion. Students can complete the program in two years and there are the part-time students who take less courses but take longer to complete the degree. With MS degrees, it usually takes two years to complete.

4 Salary for Those With MBA Degrees

According to PayScale, graduates who work in financial services earn $84,000, those who work in healthcare earn about $79,000 a year and those who have banking careers earn $62,000 a year.

5 Salary for Those With MS Degrees

According to Career Builder, the salary for a biochemistry worker with a MS degree is about $46,000. An engineering worker with a MS degree earns about $69,000 and those wth math careers earn $57,000.

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