Reasons to Study Law

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The study of law is one of the oldest academic fields in the world, beginning as early as the ninth century. Globally, there are a number of different degrees conferred in the field of law. The most common degrees in the United States are the J.D. (Juris Doctor), usually a three-year degree, and the S.J.D. (Doctor of Law), the equivalent of a Ph.D. in law. Today, law continues to be a premier field of study; there are about 200 law schools in the United States alone. There is good reason for these strong numbers because there are numerous advantages of studying law.

1 Professional Opportunities in the Law

Studying law can lead to myriad opportunities in the legal profession. A certificate program can lead to a career as a paralegal, while a J.D. allows you to pursue a career as an attorney or a law professor. Further, studying law can prepare you for a judicial clerkship, often a stepping-stone to a career as a judge.

2 Professional Opportunities Outside of Law

Studying law also provides a solid foundation for careers in consulting, business, academia, politics and the non-profit sector.

3 Intellectual Challenge

The study of law requires analytical ability, complex thinking and a sharp memory. It is useful in and of itself for the stimulating, challenging intellectual experience it provides.

4 Credibility and Respect

Few degrees carry the weight and respect of a law degree. Studying law is an impressive accomplishment that gains respect and credibility among your friends and colleagues.

5 Sense of Confidence

Achieving success in the typically challenging intellectual requirements of studying law engenders a deep sense of confidence.

6 Preparation for Further Study

A law degree provides a strong academic foundation for further study, such as the pursuit of advanced degrees in business or the arts.

7 Financial Stability

Depending on the type of career your study leads to, law is very often a route to financial stability. The median salary for lawyers in 2012 was $113,530, reports U.S. News & World Report.

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