How Many Posts Should You Put on Instagram at Once?

Using four photos allows for combined action shots.
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There’s no hard and fast rule as to how many posts you should upload to Instagram at once, but marketing agencies and power users suggest sticking to one to four photos when you post new items to Instagram. You can post multiple times each day, so break up the photos you want to share into smaller chunks and send them out at peak follower times in order to make the most of your photos and your Instagram account.

1 Photo-Tastic Four

Post in sets of up to four photos to avoid cluttering up your feed and turning off users. Sticking to three photos stops your photos from taking up the entirety of a follower’s stream when using the mobile app. Apps that enable you to share multiple photos in a single post also recommend using just four photos to keep a follower’s attention without being overwhelming. Sticking to a low number of photos also allows you to continue to use your smartphone. If you want to push the envelope, there's a cap of 1,000 photos per upload if your Facebook account is linked to Instagram. However, that may give followers a reason to stop following you on Instagram.

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